Our Knives

 At The Maine Knife Company we understand that knife collectors are looking for high quality knives that are built using time tested traditions and high-end materials. For 1,000’s of years the craft of knife making has been refined around the world. Knife manufacturing has evolved and developed all over the world, from the swords made by the Vikings in the Nordic regions, the Samurai swords perfected in Japan, the precision blades crafted in Germany, to the legendary American designed knives. At The Maine Knife Company we search the world for the finest knife craftsman we can find, and we then commission them to build limited edition collectible knives designed in Maine by J.P. Nickerson.  Our first knife is a limited production run of only 50 individually  numbered knives name the Whitetail . Our second knife is currently in production and will be called the Maine Guide. These knives are being made by a 4th generation knife manufacturer in Pakistan, using D2 steel and the finest materials. Each knife we produce is our own design, not made in bulk but to our specifications and in very limited production runs.  Each knife we produce is made by hand, one at a time…not off an assembly line. We limit each production run to between 10 - 100 knives, numbering knife individually. We use the finest grades of  steel in our knives. Our knives are collectible but are also designed to be used in the field or on the job if desired. Every one of our knives comes with an unlimited (and transferable)  lifetime guarantee against any failure. Our knives are designed to be collected, to appreciate in value, to be used in the field, and to be passed on the future generations.  At The Maine Knife Company we produce collectible, limited edition knives that are designed to increase in value. Every knife we sell comes in a handmade solid pine box made in Maine. Brass hinges and clasps are included on all of our boxes, and our logo is branded by hand onto the front of the box. Inside the box you will find your  limited edition knife made by hand from the finest materials available.  Each knife has our logo stamped into the blade, and the name of the knife and production run number is laser engraved on the blade as well.  Our knives come with gorgeous one-of-a-kind leather sheathes that are also hand made. Each sheath also has our company logo embossed into the leather.  You will also find a Maine Knife Company coin included with your purchase.  These unique coins are made out of solid brass and further add to to collectibility of our knives.  Each coin comes inside a transparent display sleeve that features a hand signed, dated and numbered card that matches the knife you have purchased.  The coin and signed card are further enhanced and protected by way of a black velvet pouch embroidered  with our logo.  Each knife purchased also comes with a hand signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.  You will find this certificate to be suitable for framing and each is hand embossed with our company logo. Along side the certificate of authenticity you will find a limited production print of the design drawing used to produce your knife.  This too is suitable for framing and his hand signed, dated and numbered to match your knife.  Both the certificate of authenticity and the hand numbered design drawing come in an envelope that features a hand applied wax seal featuring The Maine Knife Company logo. Lastly you will find a knife care instruction card, a lifetime warranty card, and a discount coupon for a future Maine Knife Company purchase.