The Defender

The Defender is a special edition knife that is designed for easy and comfortable concealed carry and self-defense.  Compact in size coming in at 7 inches in total length, every aspect of The Defender has been designed to serve a specific purpose.  The specially designed handle is contoured to provide a secure and stable grip using either hand and during most any situation or weather condition.  The blade is also unique, made of high quality steel honed to a razor sharp edge and tip. The Defender has the cutting edge extended the full length of the underside of the blade and a   specially designed double sided  curved tip at the end of the  blade. This dual sided curved blade tip  gives the user the security of knowing the knife can be used in a bi-directional manner and still be effective, especially important in any self defense scenario.  The Defender comes with a jet black hand made leather sheath / holster that is also unique.  The sheath / holster secured The Defender under any situation until it is needed and allows the user to wear the knife vertically or horizontally on the belt, allowing for micro positioning, ultimate concealment and all day comfort.  When sheathed The Defender is in blackout mode from the top of the handle to the tip of the sheath.  Only 100 Defenders are being produced, each individually numbered.  Each Defender Knife comes with an autographed design drawing, a certificate of authenticity, a Maine Knife Company Gold Card, a Maine Knife Company Challenge Coin, and a lifetime transferable guarantee against any failure. $20 from the purchase of each Defender is being donated to the non-profit Police Lives Matter organization.  Reserve a Defender today for only $50.00 using the PayPal reserve button below.  Defender Knives will be shipping in late October and are priced at $199.95, or $239.95 with a hand made lockable Maine Knife Company storage chest.  Shipping is  $25.00.

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Reserve a Defender with a $50.00 deposit. Balance will be due at time of shipping.  Estimated delivery early November, 2018. 100 units are being produced, each individually numbered.